Errantis Pack Decree

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Errantis Pack Decree

Post by opal9 on Sun Nov 10, 2013 2:16 am

Errantis Pack Decree

1. Respect all members, whether you are higher in ranking or not, everyone needs to remember that we are one pack and the only way to get respect is to give it. IC and OOC may be different but being rude to a member in either form will not go unnoticed
2. No drama. If you have a problem of any sorts bring it up with a member of the high council. Do not keep things hidden because all things will be discovered and keeping them to yourself will only make things worse
3. Do not start fights without a purpose. All fights are to be reported to the Master of the brave, Beta and/or the Alpha who will then decide whether or not the fight was justified. The Alpha is the only one who is allowed to call the pack to war
4.Try to stay with the pack or another member. We want to keep the rp going in the pack and that can't happen if everyone is off doing their own thing. As wanderers, we allow our members to wander but if you're gone too often, you will be confronted
5. Keep the language relatively family friendly. Since we rp in a public map we need to keep the rp censored. Violence is allowed but any curse words must be taken to whisper or group chat
6. Be active. A pack is only as good as its members so come on the right character often. If something happens that takes you away from the pack life OoC please do tell the Alpha and Beta and post your absence on the site. If you go missing and fail to provide reason, you will be lowered in ranking
7.Make sure your rp posts are at least semi-literate and do not post cut. If you wish to speak OoC please use the group chat. Posting OoC things in local where the rp is going on, along with cutting other people's posts will only confuse everyone
8. Attend pack meetings and training sessions. To keep the rp going and to engage the pack more we will be holding meetings and training sessions which are lead by the Masters. If you do not attend training sessions your rank will be lowered due to lack of practice
9. Do your job. If you do not rp, stay active and do what your rank description says you should do, you are not helping the pack and it will be noticed. Train and interact with other members

*Should any rules be broken, the High Council will find out so it is best to come forth with your wrongs instead of hiding them. The Alpha has the final say in deciding punishments but will also consult the Beta and Masters on certain matters. Punishments are carried out by the High Council*


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