Out of Character (OoC) Rules

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Out of Character (OoC) Rules

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What does OoC stand for?
Out of Character - this refers to you as a user NOT your character.
When do these rules apply?
Rules below are to be followed at all times when not engaged in a roleplay, both in and outside of FeralHeart which includes, but is not limited to, skype, kik, discord, forums.
What happens if I break these rules?
By joining Errantis you agree to follow these rules and acknowledge that, should you break any of the rules, you put yourself at risk of being removed from the pack and/or being put on the pack wide banned list. If you do something that isn’t outlined below but causes significant distress to the pack or any of its members and there is evidence to prove it, appropriate actions will be taken by the administrators.
What is the banned list?
The banned list is a list of usernames and their respective characters which members of Errantis are strongly advised against interacting with when on their Errantis character. No one can stop anyone else from interacting with people on the list but by interacting with users and/or characters on the banned list, Errantis members put themselves at risk of being removed from the pack. Therefore, people on the banned list are often ignored by Errantis.
Who are the Administrators?
The Alpha and the Trusted are often Admins of the pack. A formal list of Admins and how to contact them is provided under the Introduction section of the pack site.


We support open minded discussions. You are free to talk about anything you like, have discussions, learn from one another, as long as you are not being malicious or purposely offensive. Slip ups happen. If someone offends you or makes you uncomfortable, let them know how and why and try to calmly resolve the issue. However, if someone is being malicious, harassing or bullying and they do not stop, members are encouraged to take screenshots, disengage from the conversation, then message and send screenshots to an administrator who will deal with the situation accordingly.

Swearing/inappropriate topics

Permitted in group, whisper, party chats. Keep in mind that there may be minors or sensitive people. If asked to stop using certain words, try to accommodate. If you feel as though you are being unfairly censored or someone is being malicious towards you, take screenshots and contact an administrator.
Graphic roleplays are allowed provided that individuals involved consent and no one is made to feel uncomfortable. If you take part and feel uncomfortable in the future, please consult an administrator. Such roleplays must occur in a party or whisper chats. Keep them out of local and group chats.

Character design

We range from realistic to semi-realistic. If you are not clear whether or not a certain characteristic passes, please ask. If you have a certain characteristic that becomes a nuisance to the pack you may be asked to change or remove it.
Regarding physical traits, we ask that your character not be covered head to toe in neon colors or possess any traits that may result in unfair advantages, also known as god-modding. This means no massive horns/antlers, weapons, armor, magical growing abilities, venoms, super speedy healing powers, complete immortality etc. Unnatural powers might be permitted, but must be discussed with administrators on a case to case basis.
You are free to age your character as you please. People roleplaying pups should discuss with siblings and parents (if they exist) on a way to age characters reasonably.


We have a four sentence minimum on formal roleplay posts. If your post is confusing or very poorly written, you may be asked to clarify or alter your writing style.
No power-playing. Your Errantis character cannot be completely invincible or excessively powerful (check with administrators if unsure about design). You cannot use knowledge gained from biographies or OoC conversations in roleplays, unless agreed upon by those involved in the roleplay. This prevents characters from knowing things they realistically would not know without encounter. Furthermore, to prevent unfair fights, for every three attempts one attack must land. After an attack lands, the system is reset and you can dodge twice again.
Remember to honor the roleplay. You cannot pick and choose which events you want to acknowledge. For example, your character cannot have its health entirely restored if they were injured or sick recently. If you agreed to a risky roleplay and your character died, they are dead. In case of unfair roleplaying, administrators may be contacted to objectively resolve the issue.
Do not post cut. Wait until someone is completely done their post before you start yours. -c-, >>, > are common ways to denote a continuing post.

Relationships with non-pack members

While on your Errantis character you are allowed to engage in conversations and roleplays with non-Errantis characters as you please. Keep in mind, however, that all OOC and IC rules still apply to you. Whereas we cannot control or punish anyone who is not in our pack, you are still responsible for yourself. If a non-pack member breaks any FeralHeart rules and you cannot get passed it, contact an Errantis administrator and take the proper actions with FeralHeart staff as outlined on the FeralHeart website. Errantis is not responsible for anything anyone outside of the pack does, so do not bring Errantis into a situation not involving pack members. The most we can do is add non-pack members to the pack wide banned list. However, if you feel uncomfortable in anyway while on your Errantis character please do not hesitate to contact the Errantis administrators. We will do our best to support you in a fair manner.

In regard to the Errantis banned list, people who own the characters and the usernames listed have abused Errantis and/or its members. We request that all members of Errantis refrain from roleplaying with characters listed and from bringing usernames listed into conversations with the pack when on their Errantis character. Although no one can force you to stop engaging with another person, remember that people on the list are there for a reason. No one is put on the list simply because they are disliked. They have broken the rules which are meant to protect our members and/or bring about OoC negativity. If you choose to continue to engage with the people who’s usernames/characters appear on the banned list, you put yourself at risk of being banned as well, should negativity or drama arise.

Feral Heart rules

All apply. If you are unfamiliar with them, read up here:

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact an administrator of Errantis.


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