In Character (IC) Rules

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In Character (IC) Rules

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What does IC stand for?
In Character - this refers to your character NOT you as a user.
When do these rules apply?
The rules below are to be followed in a roleplay setting.
What happens if I break these rules?
Breaking of these rules will not result in you being removed or banned from the pack but will instead result in your character being punished physically IC (including execution and exile), lowered in ranking/title and/or stripped entirely of their title. Should your character do something that causes distress to the pack but is not listed below, the Alpha reserves the right to assign a punishment.
What happens during execution or exile?
Members who have committed great crimes will be executed or exiled. You may still roleplay exiled characters but it is common knowledge that, following execution, your character is terminated. Prior to execution and exile, the administrators will contact you OoC to discuss the process and terms. 
Who are the Administrators?
The Alpha and the Trusted are often Admins of the pack. A formal list of Admins and how to contact them is provided under the Introduction section of the pack site.



Ranking and respect

Respect all pack members to some degree, honor those higher in rank than you and do not challenge those in a position of authority over you. Abuse of those lower in rank to you will not be tolerated. To honor someone is to treat them better than you would treat someone you respect, and to respect someone is to treat them better than a stranger. Always obey and honor the High Council, always honor and obey your designated Master, always respect those in the same ranking tier as you, never abuse another pack member. 

To determine how you can gain a desired rank, read over the ranking system. All ranks must be earned and come with certain privileges. Make sure you know what you are and are not allowed to take part in.
                Who are formally titled members? High Council wolves, Masters, the Eloquent, Valiant, Merciless, Merciful, and Gallant.
                Who are titled members? Adolescents, Younglings, Tenderfoots, Maggots, Iron-Jaws, Black-Hearts, Silver-Tongues, Watchers.
                Who are titleless members? Prisoners and members of Errantis who have broken IC rules.  


High Council wolves and Subordinates are permitted to wander as far as they please. Subordinates are to return to the pack territory at the end of the OoC day and are forbidden from wandering for more than two days in a row. Adolescents must have a formally titled member with them should they wish to leave the territory. The titleless and Younglings are forbidden from leaving the pack territory.



Only High Council wolves, Masters, and those with formal titles are given the privilege of mating. Apprentices have the potential of being approved for a mate but are to refrain from producing pups. Potential mates are to be brought before the Alpha and the Trusted who will give their final approval and signal a day of celebration.

Orphaned or abandoned pups are to be brought into the pack. A member of the Attentive will assign each pup an appropriate caretaker if no one volunteers to adopt the Youngling.



Spars should not result in the intentional death of another pack member. Anyone outside of the Valiant and the Gallant must be supervised by a member of the Valiant or Gallant, with approval from a Master of the Valiant or Gallant, before sparring. A member of the Merciful must be seen following any fight.

To prevent unfair fights, for every three attempts one attack must land. After an attack lands, the system is reset and you can dodge twice again. This rule must be disclosed when fighting a non-Errantis character.



Punishments are only to be given by a member of the Merciless. A Master of the Merciless must consult the Alpha and/or the Trusted regarding their plan of action and must have approval before they assign said punishment. Executions and exiles must have the approval of the Alpha. The Merciless may not act without assignment from their designated Master.

The titleless is not a rank you can ask for. It exists solely for prisoners and as a punishment. Wolves who are titleless in Errantis have no privileges beyond being in the presence of the pack. Only members of the Merciless are permitted to feed them, and not beyond what they require to live. Only members of the Merciful are permitted to treat their injuries/illnesses, and not beyond what they require to live. No member of Errantis is permitted to show kindness or liberty towards a titleless, those caught doing so will also be punished.


If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact an administrator of Errantis.


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